"My name is Art Fastman and I was a client of Bob Otto's for several months in 2011 following rotator cuff surgery. It has been just over one year since the surgery for a large tear, and I am pleased to report that under Bob's care and constant reminder to follow instructions and to balance in being patient, I am much better. I enjoy playing ice hockey and this past Sunday I tended goal in a benefit game versus the Flyer's Alumni Team. This was a goal of my recovery since I could not play last year due to the pending surgery. Please share my appreciation with Bob and the Penn Therapy staff in helping me reach this 'goal'."

- Art Fastman

"I recently was a patient at your Havertown location for about 5 months after shoulder surgery. Prior to this treatment i was receiving physical therapy elsewhere and experiencing some complications, so I transferred to Dr. Ramsey at the Rothman Institute who in turn referred me to your practice. Heath Finney was my therapist who I found to be nothing short of fantastic and professional. He understood my problem and worked on the issues immediately. He gave me a lot of encouragement and modified my therapy in line with how I was doing that week. I was a league squash player prior to having surgery and during the complications period, I doubted that I would ever return to the squash courts again. After 5 short months and following the plan, I have returned to squash, working out in the gym and feeling like a new person. League squash is within reach of me now. I want to thank ALL the members of Penn Therapy Associates for their warmth, hospitality, professionalism and support. I strongly recommend Penn Therapy Associates as 'the place' to go.

- Alan J.

My experience with Penn Therapy has been outstanding. I have disc issues in my cervical section of my spine which has led to my numbness in my fingers and limited use of my right hand. I also had discomfort throughout my neck and surrounding areas. Since going to Penn Therapy my condition has vastly improved and I have much better use of my right hand with less numbing sensation and less discomfort with my neck. Additionally my condition remains stable with the home maintenance program I received from the Penn Therapy team. I am extremely grateful for the encouragement and outstanding care I received from the entire Penn Therapy team.

- Dave P.

"I had the pleasure of visiting Penn Therapy Associates for two months while rehabilitating my ankle. I wanted to thank everyone for their assistance while helping me attain my goal to get back out and running again. The staff was very professional, accommodating, and friendly."

- Deb K.

"As someone who has chronic back problems, I have a history of success using Penn Therapy Associates. Bob Otto, MPT and the staff at Penn Therapy Associates have distinguished themselves on more than one occasion in my situation. They have demonstrated initiative, enthusiasm, professional ability, and keen foresight in doing what was necessary to get me back in shape. My recovery on each incident can be directly attributed to the excellent staff at Penn Therapy Associates. For their record of achievement, I give Penn Therapy Associates my highest recommendation."

- Sam S.

"I write to inform you of the excellent results I obtained through an exceptional local resource, Penn Therapy Associates. I began physical therapy for plantar fasciitis on 4/9/10, and after two more treatments within the following week with Mark E. Reitz, PT, I was able to walk without pain. I continued treatment to add the capacity for walking longer periods of time, all covered by my Medicare benefits. I have found that my various experiences with Penn Therapy Associates since 2001 for multiple issues have consistently included effective hands-on treatments by skilled therapists, not the rote therapy provided by the chain clinics. I recommend Penn Therapy Associates for your consideration for patients who may benefit from minimally obtrusive treatment for plantar fasciitis."

Julio P.